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  6PM, Sep 1 2014
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It’s National Farmers Market Week!

Did you guys know that this week, 04-10 August 2013 is, in fact, National Farmers Market Week?  I was totally unaware of this fact until some random post directed me to the USDA’s PAGE highlighting this.

There’s plenty of Farmers Markets for you to check out through the remainder of the week, no matter where you are in the city.  Worthington is my personal favorite - large selection, good atmosphere & close to home.  However (this goes for almost all farm markets), you have to arrive early to get the best selection! 

(Also, no hate for the usage of Farmer’s, Farmers, Farmers’ - USDA uses “Farmers” and other markets have their own usage, which I have preserved in text. -ed.)






Midway through writing this, I came across an entry from ColumbusUnderground with a full list of all the markets in the region.  If I didn’t mention your area, take a look HERE you may find one.  The USDA link in the first paragraph can also help you do a search for anywhere in the nation you may happen to be.

  10AM, Aug 7 2013
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Suburban Mixed-Use Developments On Track

Starting up north, ColumbusUnderground REPORTS that Worthington will be seeing further redevelopment around the Shops at Worthington Place with the Crawford Hoying 200 apartment, 23,000 sq. ft. retail space development on West Wilson Bridge Road. 

The first time I went into Worthington Place, it was mostly vacant, dark and in disrepair.  Over the past couple of years, it has undergone a drastic physical transformation, added a host of new tenants and turned into a bustling retail and dining hotspot.

Moving over to the near west, Grandview Yard will be entering the next phase of development, pending approval from the Grandview Heights Planning Commission.  ColumbusUnderground REPORTS that Nationwide Realty Investments is planning an additional 120 rental units and adding another 28,000 sq.ft. of retail space.

  10AM, Aug 5 2013
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Speak Easy: True Stories Live - Tonight

Tonight at 7:00pm is the monthly meeting of the storytellers’ group SPEAK EASY COLUMBUS at WILD GOOSE CREATIVE.

Speak Easy is a great event for those storytellers who are looking for an outlet and an audience, as well as those individuals who long for a place where they can go to listen to others tell stories.  Many of us know someone - a close friend, an uncle, grandparent, neighbor - that revels in telling stories that are witty, engaging, humorous, serious and, most importantly, entertaining.  Speak Easy is a place where individuals can go to enjoy sharing these stories with one another.

This month’s theme is Mix Tape - Stories About Music and the Songs That Define Us.  Potential speakers are encouraged to bring a CD, MP3 player or similar device to play the song(s) that accompany their story.

Admission is $5 - cash or plastic accepted.

Wild Goose Creative is a community event space that hosts a number of regularly scheduled events throughout the month, community meetings, workshops and special events.  WGC is located on Summit just south of Hudson (2491 Summit).

Image below via Speak Easy Columbus on FACEBOOK

  8AM, Sep 6 2012
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Watershed’s Bourbon Barrel Gin

Local distiller WATERSHED officially RELEASED their Bourbon Barrel Gin this past weekend at midnight on the 1st.  Initial reviews seem to indicate that it is a success!

Off the bat - I need to confess, I am not a fan of gin.  However, the barrel aging takes away a lot of the overpowering juniper flavor and infuses it with a great earthy, smokey taste and scent.  It also allows other, more subtle flavors to come to the forefront - not the least of which is a sweet vanilla combined with citrus (from Watershed’s custom Four-Peel recipe).

I had the pleasure of touring Watershed shortly after they sealed up their first couple of barrels to rest and age, and love the character those barrels added to the very modern distillery. 

This gin is going to be a great addition to the local food / beverage scene and is already making its way into drinks at local bars.  Stop by BROTHERS DRAKE MEADERY and ask for “The New Fashioned”, featuring the Bourbon Barrel Gin and designed by their resident mixed drink developer / bartender Annie.

Image below from my tour of Watershed 4 September 2011.

  9AM, Sep 5 2012
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Good News - Ohio Economy

Last week, Columbus Business First REPORTED that Ohio (and 18 of the top 20 exporting states) are off to a good start for 2012.

Exports from Ohio increased 11% (from $22.22Billion to $24.62Billion) as compared to the same time frame in 2011 and the nation is up approximately 7%.

While I try to focus on local goods / businesses / developments - for better or worse, we do live in a so-called “global economy” - so I thought this might be relevant to those who are in the Greater Columbus Metro Region and are working for / looking for work in those exporting types of businesses.

  9AM, Sep 4 2012
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Weinland Park Groundbreaking Wednesday

Weinland Park has been undergoing a REVITALIZATION over the past few years including a rebuilding of the south campus area Kroger, investment in housing and infrastructure.

Wednesday, there will be a groundbreaking on the corner of North 4th and East 8th for six new single-family residential units on land that was taken over by Campus Partners as part of their effort to raze abandoned and unsafe properties in the area.

Image via

  8AM, Aug 28 2012
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Buck a Brat & Buck a Beer

Where can you find this magical combination of cheap beer and cheap Ohio-based Bob Evans meat?  At another event going on this weekend!

Three posts this week about three really great things going on this weekend.  Something for your dog, something for the patrons of the arts and now - something for the sports fans.

The Columbus Crew will be hosting Eastern Conference Rivals the New England Revolution for Dollar Night at 7:30pm at Crew Stadium.  Budweiser drafts and Bob Evans brats will be served for only $1 each.

AND - for new and returning students arriving back in town: bring your valid college ID and $15 gets you into a lower bowl seat (limit of 2 tickets per ID).

While we’re at it - arrive early and stop by the Ohio Historical Society as they host the Ohio Food Cart & Truck Festival (11a-8p Saturday & 11a-6p Sunday).  Approximately 35 vendors were hand picked to participate to ensure that you can sample the best that the burgeoning Columbus Food Truck scene has to offer.

Crew Soccer Nation (CSN) photo via

  8AM, Aug 24 2012
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Urban Scrawl 6

This weekend, August 26 & 27 is the 6th annual Franklinton arts event - Urban Scrawl - that features artists painting large panels as you watch, local food vendors, live music / DJs, dance performances and an outlet for local involvement.

Taking place at 400 West Rich Street, the event will run Saturday from Noon-10p and Sunday from Noon-6p.

Details about performers, food vendors and other events can be found on their blog HERE.

  8AM, Aug 22 2012
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WAG! Fest 2012

Coming up this Saturday (August 25th, 10a-5p) is the annual WAG! Fest at Prairie Oaks MetroPark.  In its 5th year, this event brings dogs, their humans and sponsors together for a day of fun and treats.  Also, the final hike of this year’s Paws in the Park series will be held during the event - so don’t forget the leash and some hiking boots.

Highlights for this year’s event include:

  • Complementary engraved dog tags (Sponsored by Subaru)
  • Dog agility course & Disc demonstrations
  • Water Bark Beach pond access for your dog to swim
  • An Ice Castle
  • A day out, enjoyed with man’s best friend

You can find directions to and information about Prairie Oaks MetroPark HERE and WAG! Fest’s Facebook page HERE.

Additionally, information about the 17 pet trails at the MetroParks can be found HERE.

  8AM, Aug 20 2012
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Shakespeare in the Commons (and the Park)

Shakespeare in the Park takes over the Commons at 7:30p Thursday - Sunday this week and next to present The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged).

Actors’ Theatre of Columbus will be presenting this show as well as A Midsummer Night’s Dream (7:30p Thursday - Sunday, September 13-24) at the Columbus Commons.

Additionally, they will be performing their regularly scheduled shows at Schiller Park as well (Servant of Two Masters Thursday - Sunday through September 2nd) - so you’re going to have to pick which show and which park to go to over the remainder of this week and next!

Keep in mind that, unlike the performances at Schiller Park, you are not permitted to bring alcoholic beverages into Columbus Commons - but beverages will be sold during the show.

Grab a blanket, pull up a slice of grass at either of the parks and enjoy a little bit of acting.

  8AM, Aug 16 2012
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CREW Prepare for 7 Matches in 3 Weeks

Columbus sports fans - over the next 3 weeks, Crew Stadium will be hosting 4 of the CREW’s next 7 games.

First up - Tomorrow (August 15th) at 7:00pm, the CREW will look to Black Out The Galaxy (Los Angeles)

Next Wednesday (August 22nd), the Crew will host Trillium Cup rivals Toronto FC at 7:30p - this match is the result of a RESCHEDULING due to the unfortunate death of CREW rookie Kirk Urso.

Three short days later, the Crew will again take the pitch, Saturday August 25th at 7:30p to face another Eastern Conference nemesis - New England Revolution.

Finally, on September 1st, Montreal Impact will visit the stadium for the second time this season as they try to avenge a 2-0 loss to Columbus earlier in the season.

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  8AM, Aug 14 2012
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Grandview Grind

The other day, ColumbusUnderground POSTED about a new, independent coffee shop in Grandview.

Grandview Grind is the brain-child of Samantha DeMint, who was the manager of the now-closed Caribou in Grandview, and aims to provide an outlet for the regulars of the ‘Bou who lost their place to go.

Located in the same plaza on Grandview Avenue, south of 5th and north of 3rd, Grandview Grind is in an excellent location to serve those around the 5th/Northwest Community, Campus and Downtown.

One of the nice things about an independent shop is their ability to support local businesses while local clients support them.  Grandview Grind will be using coffee beans from local roasters including Backroom Roasters & Café Brioso.  Additionally, Dayton’s Boston Stoker will be on the menu as well as some other roasters from out of the area.

The Caribous in the area have always provided a great sense of customer focus and community in their shops, I’m hopeful that DeMint will continue that tradition in her new venture & I’m looking forward to supporting another local establishment.

Image via

  8AM, Jul 26 2012
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Site Update

Everyone - it’s recently come to my attention that Tumblr has changed the URL for this site to and a number of the links that you will find on Google for past articles will result in a “Page not found” message.  I’m working with the Tumblr support staff to find a workaround to this issue so that past posts will still easily searchable and viewable.

Sorry about any inconvenience this may have caused and I hope to have the matter resolved swiftly.

  8AM, Jul 23 2012
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Goodguys PPG Nationals - 15th Anniversary

This weekend, the Goodguys PPG Nationals will be celebrating its 15th anniversary here in Columbus at the Ohio State Fairgrounds from tomorrow, Friday July 6th to Sunday the 8th.


  • Friday, July 6: 8am to 5pm
  • Saturday, July 7: 8am to 5pm
  • Sunday, July 8: 8am to 3pm

Admission info:

  • Adults - $18 per day (includes $5 off coupon with $25 purchase)
  • Children (7-12) - $6 per day
  • Children (under 6) - Free
  • Military ID discount - Download the $5 off admission coupon HERE
  • Parking at the Fair Grounds - $6 (Ohio Expo Center information HERE)
  • Online ticket sales HERE.

Image via

  8AM, Jul 5 2012
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